Our approach comes from both the pragmatic and the sculptural.

We are dedicated to sustainability and the environment. Orientation, wind formations, shade, trees, solar aspects, climate and water collection rigorously inform and direct the design. We respect the highest energy ratings to minimise the buildings impact on the earth.

Our restrained palette is borne out of our passion for both sustainability and the organic. The materials reflect the atmosphere of the space and also respect the acoustics they create. Materials are subtle rather than pronounced so they retreat as a backdrop to life, whether the space is soft and serene or vibrant and warm.  Surfaces are honed and treated in volumes rather than in planes.

We achieve simplicity through highly resolved details. We always respect the pragmatics, but they work in the background rather than overwhelming the project.

Colour varies from project to project, from space to space, from atmosphere to atmosphere. Often colour is subtle and more about the texture and the reflection of light bouncing from the materials to create transparency.

The effect of sunlight and shifting light are orchestrated within the building form to give movement to the space, shifting throughout the day - almost like a reverberation in the space.

We compose and fine-tune our buildings until we feel they have a considered sense of proportion - both flat and volumetric.

Susi Leeton

0402 404 909

78 Bayview Street
Prahran 3181